Postpartum Bath Tea


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    My Postpartum Bath Tea is made of a blend of special fresh herbs like rose petal, calendula, lavender, lemon balm, mugwort, comfrey leaf, motherwort, moringa leaf, and red raspberry leaf, with epsom salt, pure essential oils and soy milk powder.
    This bath tea is great for postpartum mamas who are in their journey of recovery to help with healing, gently purging the body of spiritual, emotional and physical distress from pregnancy, labor and delivery.
    It soothes perineal muscles and hemorrhoids you may have experienced, slows bleeding, minimizes swelling, helps with sore legs and pelvis as well and sore back and feet.
    This bath tea is more of an emotional relaxation and physical as well, to appreciate our bodies after labor and have this relaxing moment to ourselves to heal and release.
    Please do not take a bath and use this product until you get the "A OKAY" to go from showers only to showers and baths from your midwife or your obgyn.
    This product is vegan!
    Pair with my Mama's Healing Balm to help with pregnant belly skin, dark spots, stretch marks, and itchy skin!