What are Yoni Products and why is women all over talking about them?

The word "Yoni" is the spiriutal word for vagina aka the "womb". In spirituality, we take yoni care super serious. Our Yoni holds the space of our root chakra but is also connected to our sacral chakra. Yoni products (when made correctly and with the right herbs) can help with period and menstrual cramping, ingrown hairs on the outside of the vagina, and helps with BV, odor, and helps the overall health of the womb. 

Spritually, yoni products helps unblock and cleanse any spiritual and emotional trauma we have experienced from past relationships, past situations that were tramatic to some of us, childbirth and postpartum healing, or even bad menstrual cycles that are painful. We do yoni rituals and care routines for our emotional healing as well as our physical. 

My yoni products have recieved so many great reviews from women for the past two years on how great it made them feel afterwards. 

The soap is not to be used inside of the vagina, but around the outside labia area, the outside part where hair grows, and around your buttock area.

If you shave or experience waxing, my yoni products are amazing with preventing and healing ingrown hairs and razor bumps.

Here's my personal yoni routine with my products:

First, I use my Yoni Scrub to exfoliate the outer skin where the hair grows. It gets rid of dirt beneath the pores, dead skin, and helps with dry skin. It's a nice bikini massage and exfoliant too, especially if needing to exfoliate before waxing.

Second, after rinsing the scrub off with warm water, I wash up with my choice of yoni soap. Getting only around the labia area and not inside of the vagina, and washing my bikini area nice and rinsing well with warm water.

Third, when I get out the shower/bath, I pat my bikini area dry with a soft towel, and then moisturize my bikini area with my herb-infused yoni oil, not putting it inside the vagina, just the outside. 

I haven't had ingrown hairs in years or razor bumps! My yoni area feels amazing, my libido is increased and I feel spiritually and physically amazing after each usage.

If you'd like to try some of my yoni products, my Yoni Care Kit is amazing and comes with everything you need to get started!