My very first product, my Lemon Sugar Scrub, is what made my business take off and prosper. It's made with amazingly simple, yet effective ingredients with amazing benefits!

I created this item for myself back in 2019 to help with my hyperpigmentation and dark spots. I was tired of trying steroid creams and ointments that didn't work at all or wasn't safe for me to use while breastfeeding. 

From there, I wanted to take a more natural approach to my skincare, especially since my skin was already extremely sensitive. 

I made my lemon sugar scrub and gently massaged my face with it, and rinsed with wamer water. It left my skin greasy which is normal so I used my face wash and washed my face as normal, then pat dry and moisturized. After that, my skin felt brand new and awakened, something I've never felt before. 

Regardless of how soon it would take to naturally brighten up my scars (due to it being a natural product and not a forced steroid ointment or cream), I still loved the way it made my skin feel.

A week later after using it every night before bed, my skin was glowinggg!

Now I use my lemon sugar scrub on my face, my arms, legs, butt, heels, elbows, and ankles!!!