If you have sensitive skin, Kelsy's Scrubs is the perfect place for you to shop! Whether you suffer from skin allergy, eczema, psoriasis, dry skin, bug bites, acne, etc. my products are amazing for you! 

I made Kelsy's Scrubs because I was born with severe eczema that I thought would be in control by now that I'm an adult, and for some reason it just keeps flaring up.

I've tried other products, creams, steroid ointments, shots and more. I'm fed up with the medicine that do more harm than good! Especially since my skin is already sensitive enough, I knew that those strong medicines for my skin weren't going to do me good for too long. 

I needed a more natural approach and decided to do years of research, remedies, testing, trial and error and seeing what actually works. 

Yes, we're all different and there's hardly any two skin conditions that are alike to treat. But giving my products a try can either work for you or the worse that could happen is they won't. My products won't make your condition worse than what it is like the steroid ointments and over the counter creams does.

I use my soaps on my body and my face, I use my sugar scrubs daily, and my serums and body butters. 

I'm allergic to fragrance oils so I've made an entire section to sensitive skin products that are fragrance free. Although please know that some other products that are sensitive skin friendly aren't in the sensitive skin section due to them being in the "scrubs" section. Just avoid the products that do have fragrance in it and the ones with bright colors. Those are for my customers who love the strong smells and bright colored products.

Also, if you have any questions on what products may fit you according to your skin situation, please message me so I can match you with a product to help. Or if you'd like a specific request on a product, I may can compromise and see what I can do!